Pierre Clark, Managing Partner at NuFutures Development Ventures LLC


Pierre Clark, a native Chicagoan, is currently the Managing Partner at NuFutures Development Ventures LLC and the founder-convenor of the Digital Excellence Consortium, Inc., a local association of 140 affiliated non-profits whose mission is to end the digital divide once and for all by 2030. 

As the founder-convenor of nearly a dozen for-profit and non-profit enterprises since 1983, Pierre has had a hand and leading role in many community development initiatives including the national Empowerment Zone initiative of the 1990s and the technology access movement since 1995 both locally as co-founder of the Chicago Digital Access Alliance Inc. and the Digital Excellence Movement and nationally in founding community technology centers with CTCNet. 

Pierre ran the Housing Resource Center for Mattie Butler at WECAN for five years,  helping stop foreclosures in Woodlawn and renovating abandoned housing, developed a successful self-employment program that helped hundreds of small business owners and nationally circulated a self-employment column that reached 2 million readers.

Pierre initiated the local Wifi broadband access program in Chicago communities between 2010 and 2015 and worked 10 years as a freelance development consultant on local and national projects before founding NuFutures Development Ventures LLC and Opportunity Communities, Inc. 

Through NuFutures he is development Consultant and project manager on multi-million dollar real estate projects and is establishing NuFutures as a model community development initiative. Pierre attended Holy Angels, St. Ignatius College Prep, Harvard University and the University of Chicago. He was an Egan Fellow at DePaul and received the Fred Hampton Community award among other community awards.

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