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Ms. Stacy Davis Gates
is the Political and Legislative Director of the Chicago Teachers Union AFT Local 1. After her twelve-year career as a classroom educator, Stacy married her political ambitions with her passion for educational advocacy and joined the revitalized Chicago Teachers Union. As the Political and Legislative Director, Stacy works to ensure that public educators, students, and their families have a strong voice in the policy making process. Under her leadership, the union’s political action fund and member activity in the political and legislative arena has grown significantly.

In addition to leading the political and legislative agendas for the CTU, Stacy is a regular contributor to radio shows and print publications. She was educated at Saint Mary’s College, the University of Notre Dame, and Concordia University.

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“The rhetoric on education reform and pension reform in Chicago is upside down. In what era has it ever been ethical, moral or  vogue to close schools in poor, under-resourced black communities and fire experienced, dedicated school personnel, and then try to justify those decisions by claiming budget shortfalls on unwieldy retiree pay…..Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel has abdicated his responsibility as chief executive of the city and made it a practice to scapegoat his wrong-headed policies on the most vulnerable populations in the city. Simply put, the school district’s budget is being balanced on the backs of schoolchildren, senior citizens, and public employees….Mayor Emanuel does not have a budget crisis — he has a priority crisis….”
                                                                           Op-Ed by Stacy Davis-Gates August 22, 2013 (Sun Times)

  7 Responses to “Stacy Davis Gates, Political/Legislative Director – Chicago Teachers Union”

  1. I heard you on Progressive Talk Rado yesterday — you’re a WINNER and a KEEPER! Lolly Voss

  2. I heard you for the first time on 820am in Chicago, you’re the voice that the children of Chicago NEED. DJN

  3. You are a winner.

  4. Ms. Gates, outstanding articulation of concise and pointed perspectives given on WCPT 820 AM on 10/18. Thank You!

  5. Your visits to the show are always one of my favorite features but today (Ben Jarovsky 06/27/18), you burned down the house. It was all I could do to refrain from leaping up from my desk at work and cheering. I am not a union member nor am I a teacher but if you knocked on my door with that speech, I would start paying Chicago Teachers Union dues. You need to run for public office. I need to vote for someone like you. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  6. I would like to thank you for taking a stand,and expressing your thoughts and how to respond to the republican party. I’m PROUD of you. God Bless

  7. Claiming dibs on revenue sources that don’t exist and saying “the rich” will pay for it? Your messaging is atrocious. You should be ashamed.

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