Hon. Timothy Evans, Chief Judge – Cook County Circuit Court



Timothy Evans, Chief Judge 

Elected chief judge in September 2001 by unanimous vote of the circuit judges, Evans is the administrator of one of the largest unified court systems in the world. He oversees approximately 400 judges and 3,000 employees within the court’s eight divisions and six districts, which handles more than 2 million cases filed annually.Judge Evans’ nearly 40-year career in public service began in 1969 when he joined the City of Chicago’s Law Department as an assistant corporation counsel. He later joined its Department of Investigations where he rose to deputy commissioner. In 1973, Evans was elected to the Chicago City Council representing the 4th Ward, a position he held for the next 18 years while also maintaining a private practice.

In 1992, Evans won election to the Cook County judiciary as a circuit judge. Within three years of joining the court, he was appointed the presiding judge of the Domestic Relations Division. Five years later in 2000, he was appointed presiding judge of the Law Division where, he served until his election as chief judge.

During his tenure as chief judge, Evans has expanded court services to children with innovative programming that provides a safe haven for children whose parents or guardians are attending court. He places great emphasis on expanding opportunities for women and minorities at the court’s executive management level, appointing the first Hispanic American as presiding judge of the 4th Municipal District, and the first woman as presiding judge of the prestigious Chancery Division.

From The Judicial Performance Commission:

Summary: Chief Judge Evans has an excellent reputation among Cook County lawyers.  As Chief Judge, he does not hear cases, but sees to the administration of the courts. Chief  Judge Evans created a domestic violence court for the Cook County Circuit Court which is housed in a state-of-the-art courthouse. He also re-instituted a pre-trial services program and changed procedure so that bond hearings are conducted in person, rather than via teleconferencing. He is responsive to public concerns about the judiciary and is 13 working with interested groups to institute a diversion and deferral program in the criminal courts to reduce cost and waste and better serve the interests of the community.


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  1. Your honor, we meet more than 20 years ago when I lived in Texas and a telemarketing threaten to derail the special aldermainc election . I was the man that securce the equipment for our mayor the Honorable Harold Washington. I write to you because my organization Project Simeon 2000 will be making application for a charter school that will serve an all male student population in the 5-8 grade , middle schooler . the grades were we start to lose our black male to the streets and broken families. Your Honor humbily we are request your support in bring this charter school to life . Given your support and talents and your passion for our city will you please consider serving on our broad of director or advisory to ensure the mission of our endeavor dose not die on the vine…..please visit our website @ http://www.projectsimeon2000.org and find out more about us . you can also contact me by cell @ 773-544-5022. again thank you sir , you change my Life , please help me save our young men .

  2. Hello your honor, I have been reading about you because I have been made aware that you are who appointed Judge Jeanne Reynolds. My family has had a huge negative impact because of this judge who is clearly biased and does not uphold her own rulings. For the past six months I have tried to educate myself on what can be done, which sadly is not much. I was informed by our attorney that we can appeal and that we can report her, but this would be costly and the chances of her retaliation would be high. Until the children are adults we are in constant threat of appearing in front Judge Reynolds. Further more, our attorney has been upfront and stated there would be little to nothing done. There is a group that is looking to work together and their main advice is to make sure we vote against your retention. As I stated earlier I have read many articles on you and your work and you have my respect. I still do question why you would appoint such a monster who is not doing her job. Who clearly does not have the children’s best interest at heart. I cannot risk to have my family negatively impacted for the next nine years, so I am pleading with you to please do something about this judge. My only power is my voice and my vote. May not seem like much but but as long as you continue to appoint Judge Reynolds I will be letting anyone who will listen to please vote NO on your retention.

    • Donna,
      I would like to reiterate what you have said. Anyone who appoints and reaffirms such a heinous Judge as Reynolds should not be retained. I too belong to a group that has the same agenda. If we can’t get Reynolds removed then we need to remove who put her there.
      We as a people look to our judges to be fair and impartial and those are two things she is not. She does not follow the law and I have had 2 attorneys refuse to take my case because she is who presides on the bench. She failed to disclose that her brother in law works at the same firm as the one representing my exhusband.
      So to you Judge Evans, I say with the utmost respect that you should do something about her or find yourself under the weight of many families who have been torn apart by this dishonorable judge.

    • I want to also chime in here. As a Chief Justice who appoints these individuals you have to be held accountable for their unethical, unlawful treatment of families while under your watch. There is little recourse for your constituents who are subjected to her abuse. She fails to tell litigants that certain lawyers donated money to her election campaign and therefore should recuse herself from such cases. She fails to do what is in the best interest of the children and instead goes to with whose life and beliefs best assimilate with her own. She is biased, unethical and needs to be removed, as does anyone who supports retaining her on the bench.

  3. Chief Judge Timothy Evans has been exemplary at the helm of a huge Court System. He is respected by all his current peers and former peers. Lawyers admire him and like him. He is very cerebral, inclusive, amiable and amenable. He is also an innovative and proactive Chief Judge determined to make the system increasingly effective. In short, Tim Evans is replete with judicial integrity, experience and acumen. One of the best public officials in Illinois.

  4. Dear Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans,
    I am so very proud of you. Most of all I am grateful and inspired by your works since seeing you last. That was the time of The Honorable Mayor Harold Washington’s administration and departure from this earth. I loved you then, love you now, and will always love and pray for you because you are for the people of Chicago, and will fight for human rights and justifiable judgement everywhere. I believe that your mission is sanctioned by God. I wonder if you or your staff will ever read or see this message. I will keep trying to reach you. BBLESSED!!!

  5. It’ high time for merit selection of Judges. The Court is totally political and has always been since 1980. I finally gave up for good this year on a Court System that is all about politics and clout.

    • But what does ‘merit selection’ really mean? Who decides the criteria? What do you propose?


    • I wouldn’t suggest that you give up.
      Perhaps writing the Chief Judge a LETTER, could help(but my main suggestion to you ss ONLY write that letter if yu are right in your situation.

  6. Dear Chief Judge Tmothy Evans,
    I come to you(with a hand delivered LETTER on today, March 11, 2015, which will be delivered to your office today), pleading with you to mandate judge Israel A Desierto to CEASE from his shananigans inside courtoom1104.
    NTE: I’m APPEALING this case.
    A “landlord”,is attemping to EXTORT not owed money from I( in RETALIATION because I demanded a HEARING with the Housing Authority about the amount I was suppose to pay in rent(after he state to I “don’t pay any attenton to Section 8”. “The’yre just trying to get more money out of you”. “Just keep paying the same 52.00 you’ve been paying”.
    This “landlord” (and his wife Agnes), has PERJURED themselves( they possess FURNIURE that belongs to I that I did NOT abandon that he allowed I to store in his BASEMENT when my father passed away in the summer of ‘2008’. His attorneys (Michael Cohen AND Keisler Law PC, has also practice misconducts with this judges permission/help.
    Judge Desierto(courtroom 1104 at the Daley Center), is appearing to allow this “landlord” to get away with PERJURY(because this judge is IGNORING my in court WITNESS testimony(who is the grandson of the person who the furniture belong to, before passing away in June of ‘2008’(my father).
    Judge Desierto ignored my evidence which I has already showed him(prior to the last court hearing, when he stated that “this case is over” (which is when I proceeded to sue CIVILLY to be compensated for my stolen furniture AND VIOLATON of my TENANTS RGHTS;all submitted to the Housng Authority (when I requested a HEARING to find out WHO was responsible for these issues) and to this judge Desierto(EX:’A’). I have a court date schedule for 03.27.2015, but I’ve received a letter mandating that I file a response on this “NEW” matter of the false LIES being told that I owe him back rent and for damage supposedly done to his property(when I called him on several occasions asking him to have someone available to OPEN the basement door to retrieve my furniture AND to have someone to be available to do a WALK THROUGH before I return all of the keys that I possessed, but he AVOIDED listening to I and hung up the phone, but I still bammed on the office door(to no avail), up until the last moment before I left with my movers to go to my current place of residence whom Ive also informed of this matter.
    NE: I have PHOTOS of DAMAGE done to my property, affifavits from others who new about this move of my furniure to this “landlord’s” basement AND a SWORN LETTER, from the person who MOVED this furnture FROM my fathers’ place of residence, TO this”landlords'” basement.
    This threat of having I EVICTED in 40% below weather), has caused I great EMOTIONAL DISTREESS to the point where I was prescibed medicaion by my doctor to deal with this STRESS.
    Chief Judge Timothy Evans, I’m pleadng with you to force judge Israel A.Desierto to SQUASH this March 19, 2015 hearing and adher to my March 27,2015 court preceedings because we are suppose to meet in his CHAMBERS on the day of March 27, 2015 and a decision is to be made on my BYSTANDERS REPORT
    Mr Williams was present(my witness), when this judge threatened to/tried to intimidate I with a CONTEMPT charge(because I reinterated to the judge AND to this “landlord” (and his wife), that the BOTH were LYING;that they stole my furniture;that Mike DID give I permission to store my furniture in his basement when my faher passed away(“as long as you need to”).
    NOTE: Can’t you sit in on any case you like?
    Thank you, for listening/hearing my plea for justce.
    Sign, Mrs. E. P. Clayton

  7. Are there Laws for Black people who don’t have any money as white people. Cassandra Carey

  8. Are there Laws for Black people who don’t have any money as white people. Cassandra Carey

  9. I read what you all had to say about The Chief Judge in Cook County and it was and is an LIE; he does not bring anything to the court but the same Slave Master overseer mindset. it was more slaves catching slaves for master than it was anything else .. My story and he knew and knows about it and he did nothing. He removed that Black Judge for letting someone put on a Robe, but did nothing to this Whtie one. The FACT no Fiction ..

    I cannot sleep; I was looking in my deleted files and I came across some Docs from this case that just makes me so mad. No one recommended that Zion is removed from us; in fact, that was said by one is something that should never happen and God (I am sorry as that is how she is as no one does anything to stop her!) Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan -20151 did this one her own. She was that upset that I file a Judicial complaint on her that she took our son and turned him over to a woman that has not had him since he was 3 months and at that time she had 4 cases of child abuse and endangerment over her head; that is how we got Zion.
    You know what is funny is the fact that someone said to me, I better stop putting her name out there, what can she do to me, she locked me up in Jail, she took our son from us, she had me in her court with chains on and leg shackle like I was a runaway slave what more can she do? Let me be clear as I can, we can get Zion back as he is going to end up In DCFS care before years end. Joyce is about to be evicted from her place and she does not have a place to go.
    Once Zion goes into DCFS care he is no longer under her thumb he is now under the care of the State of Ill as that it how and what goes on with a lot of young Black children. So, I am not going to stop saying her name, I want her to never sit on the bench, I want to have her recalled as she is let me say Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan-2051, They call her the Wildcard
    I hope that something can be done about this Judge as she sits on the bench in Probate courtroom 1806 and the word on that floor is that she does not know the law and she is the wild card. She gave a child our son back to his birth mother; we have had him since he was 3 months, and no one recommends that the child is returned.
    She locks me up in jail when I would not bring him to court. The case was on Appeal and still is and she said she did not care. File a judicial complaint on her back in March 1st, 2018 and she would not send the case to another judge.
    She told us that it is only because of my family that this young man is an all A’s student who is in the stem program. However, with all that he is doing she gave him back to mother that is homeless Zion beg the Judge and GAL in court not to go back to his birth mother. They took him that day on the 31st without his Meds and we have not talked to him since that day. The GAL and Judge order that. It just kills me all that she has been doing. Her husband is a retired Judge and she was appointed due to that fact.
    The question is how she got the probate docket call I have a blog that deals with all that has been going on in courtroom 1806, however, you can look up the case by the minor name Zion Washington. There is a birth father on the record and the Judge said he does not need to be noticed in the case. There is a co-guarding in the case and once more she did not need notice.
    This Judge orders me not to attend my son High school graduation; she set a hearing on that day at 2 pm and when I did not show up she not only discharge myself, she also discharges my wife that has never been in that courtroom.
    This case is a prime reason that so many children of color are locked up, it is Judges like her She feels that she is a God and that is how she runs the courtroom. I had to shop around to find a lawyer to take this case as all the ones I called said that they did not want to go before her as she does not know that law.
    The court paperwork has so many issues and it is just a shame how this courtroom gives the Cook County Courts system the name Crook County. The Chief Judge Evans knows about her and he will not remove her from the probate call… He must owe her husband or something (he as an ex-republican judge) This is a 2007 case and due to the fact that my wife and I have had Zion since he was 3 months. DCFS was the reason we got him and 4 cases of abuse by the mother. We took him in before DCFS could terminate her rights. We were trying to adopt him and Judge Susan Kennedy-Sullivan-2051 personal stop that adoption.
    If you do a search on the GAL David Gotzh in the case and check the state of Washington in Dec of 2009 a person with the same name killed a 10-year-old school child; he ran a red light as he said he did not see the light due to the sun. He was not charged due to the fact that he was a policeman. Also, if you do a Facebook check under his middle name and last on his page he talks about how the mall in IN is being overrun by thugs and want to be gang members from Gary. This was the GAL in the case that has a past and he also lied about 80% of the document in this case.
    All that I post are FACTS and I have all the proof to support them, but no one cares as he is just another Black BOY! and What is the life of a Black Child Worth?

    • I am sorry to hear about what you are dealing with, because of this unjust justice system. I know first hand how injustice is allowed to go on within our judicial system. I wish you and your family the best.

  10. Greeting Judge Evans,

    My name is Rosalind Roberson and I am contacting you on behalf of my Son Jonathan Chaney, who has been kidnapped, falsely accussed and is currently being held in the Cook County Jail with a 25000, bond.

    I am contacting you to ask that an investigation be conducted in the possible wrong doing of Judge Marc W. Thomas. There is an arrest warrant against my son, allegedly signed by Judge Marc and Cook county Clerk Dorothy Brown. Upon checking, I found the signiture of Dorothy brown, and the signiture on this falsfied document is not Dorothy Brown. I strongly suspect that this is not the signiture of Judge marc Thomas.
    Please, Please will you help ? I want my son home for Christmas he has already missed Thanksgiving with his family.

    Warm Regards,

    Rosalind Roberson

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